LEADERSHIP - Encouragement - SUPPORT - Education -                         TEAM WORK


Indiana District Employees Association

2018 IDEA Fall Conference:
North Southwest Region Bloomington, Indiana
October 2 - 4, 2018


To enhance local conservation programs through a network which provides leadership, support, and education for its members and other district employees  


A network of professional conservationists who, by sharing their expertise and skills, provide quality service to all customers.  

IDEA has the following purposes:


  • To strengthen Indiana Soil and Water Conservation Districts.
  • To provide a system whereby the exchange of information and ideas will encourage unification and coordination of district programs throughout the State of Indiana.
  • To encourage excellent fulfillment of duties of district employees in their job capacities.
  • To establish and support continuing education programs for all district employees.
  • To encourage and maintain a stable and harmonious working relationship between district employees, supervisors, and cooperating agency personnel.

View the By-laws here